2021 Run for Baraboo School Board

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Note – I will update this post as is needed.
Last Edited – 15 Mar 2021

Write-in Candidate

My papers have been handed in, so it is official. I am running for Baraboo School Board again this year. =)

Currently, I am available as a WRITE-IN candidate only. When you write me in please write James E. O’Neill, because that is how the papers were filed.

I have let the Baraboo News Republic know so that they can include me in their next article on the school board race.


Here are the list of endorsements for my 2021 School Board run:

  • Baraboo Education Association
  • Wisconsin Green Party

About Me

I am a Baraboo native, a husband, father, Iraq war veteran, college graduate, and a small business owner.

If you want to know more about me you can start with my About James O’Neill page. My personal blog’s About Me page has more than you would ever want to know too.

Why Am I running for School Board talks about why I am running for school board.


“It takes a community to raise a child.”

Ancient African Proverb

My Policies page gives a great overview of my proposed policies for school board. Here are my answers to the various questions posed by the School Board Forum process from 2020 which goes over my thoughts in a bit more detail:

My macro-policies on Education can be found on my Interstellar New Deal site.

Contact Me

I want to hear from you.
I want to hear your story.

Meeting through technology during CoVID19 is going to be my preferred method of meeting, such as through:

  • standard phone calls (voice chat)
  • Discord (voice and text chat)
  • Skype (voice, text, and video chat)
  • Facebook (text and video chat)

You could also drop into my live streaming through Twitch.tv or our campaign’s publicly available Facebook Group. where you have access to text based chat.

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