Get Involved

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Join Your School’s Parent Support Group

It takes a community to raise a child, so become part of that community so we can all help our children have a great school experience. Join the parent support group to support your child, their teachers, and your child’s school.

Elementary Schools

Gordon L. Wilson Elementary

West Elementary School

East Elementary School

North Freedom Elementary School

  • ??

Al Behrman Elementary School (ABE)

Middle and High Schools

Jack Young Middle School (JYMS)

High School

  • does not have a PSG

Run for School Board Too!

Here is my page which states the requirements to be be on the ballot for Baraboo School Board. Come join me for the conversation for change.


Donate to my campaign through Act Blue


I can always use your help to spread the word about my campaign and to make the campaign happen. Come be apart of this grassroots movement to make our schools an amazing place for our children to grow and learn. Would you like to accept the quest to assist me in being elected the Baraboo School Board?

  • Would you like to knock on doors, spread flyers, or make calls?
  • Interested in issue research or advocacy for education, families, or children?
  • Do you have talents in organizing and wrangling hordes of people?
  • Are graphics and arts your thing?
  • Are you a people person who loves to talk and mingle?
  • Do you have other skills to help make our campaign successful?

I would love your help.
Together we can make a difference.

Join Me for a Conversation

Need to Hear Your Story

I would like to schedule a time to to talk with these groups of people:

  1. parents
  2. students
  3. teachers
  4. support staff
  5. retired teachers
  6. school board + district superintendent

Each will have their own very specific view on the issues the school district faces as well as potential solutions for them. Each view is important and I would like to hear them. I need to hear your story.

Meet In Person

Due to CoVID19 I will not be scheduling in-person meetings unless necessary.

If in-person meeting is required then I will be scheduling times to meet with people, most likely at our Yoga studio in Baraboo.

I can also come to you too. =)

Meeting Through Technology

Meeting through technology during CoVID19 is going to be my preferred method of meeting, such as through:

  • standard phone calls (voice chat)
  • Discord (voice and text chat)
  • Skype (voice, text, and video chat)
  • Facebook (text and video chat)

You could also drop into my live streaming through or our campaign’s publicly available Facebook Group. where you have access to text based chat.

Buy Some Merchandise


Spread the Word

Here is a quick 2 page candidate flyer on Google Docs. Feel free to print it out and to spread the word. Share it through Facebook or email.