Why am I running?

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Who Am I Running For?

As a school board member I am running to represent the:

  • parents
  • students
  • teachers

… and specifically, those who may feel that they do not have a voice.

Why Am I Running?

As I have become more politically active and awakened over the last 14+ years I have studied many things trying to figure out why our world is so messed up and to try to find solutions for these many problems we face. I have even blogged about many of those ideas over the years on my blog Free Xenon partly for my own benefit, learning, and journey, but also to, hopefully, help others to understand these complex issues too. I know I have struggled to figure it all out, because there is so very much that is wrong with the world and because the problems we face are complex and are deeply interconnected. I have even created a site to house and to expand upon the many policies I have developed and collected over the years: Interstellar New Deal.

As a Human Right education is the most important thing we invest our time and money in because it forms the universal bedrock for equality, creativity, innovation, progress, peace, class mobility, and the ability of individuals to pursue a fulfilling life and to be able to make a difference within Humanity. It also acts as a bastion to keep a person from being manipulated and taken advantage of. Education spending is one of the few things that should NEVER be cut, and only ever increased because of the far reaching impact of a highly educated populace. The significant return on investment from education spending is hard to argue against.

Unfortunately, the people of the United States have been losing a 50 year assault against our education system, destroying it sliver by sliver, year by year. We used to be a global leader in education, but now we are bordering on laughable. Our education system has been infected with corporate corruption and inequality at pretty much every level, and our parents and children suffer because of it, feeling voiceless and powerless to help affect change or to effectively advocate for themselves. Our teachers, our parents, our children, our communities, and our country suffers with each and every cut against our education system resulting in a harmful downward spiral.

This needs to stop. We need to reclaim our education system for our children, so that they can compete with the children of the rest of the world, because we are falling behind, very much behind. How can our children and our country compete in an increasingly globalized world when our education system is radically failing? My daughter deserves the best education possible and so do your children and that is what we need to fight for.

We can do better.
We must do better.
Our country and the world depends on it.

We must work together to effectuate change because change is never readily accepted or granted by those who will lose power and influence through it, even if it means harming our children’s futures.