BNR Article Covering the School Board Forum from Wednesday.

School Board
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The Article

Here is Susan Endres’ article in the Baraboo News Republic covering the School Board Forum from Wednesday:

School culture, staff retention, finances come up repeatedly at Baraboo candidate forum (Susan Endres, Baraboo News Republic, Friday 13, Mar 2020)

The Live Stream

There is also a link to the live stream of school board candidate forum in case you would like to watch it in its entirety.

Quotes of Me from the Article

Here are the quotes of my comments pulled from the forum:

School Funding

O’Neill faulted a “50-year assault on our educational systems,” including the “horrific abomination” of Act 10, which effectively ended collective bargaining rights for teachers.

“I also found while researching this that our district seems to take pride in being one of the districts that spends the least on education in the state, and I find that problematic,” O’Neill said. “We need to spend more money. We need to get more taxes, period. You’re not going to magically fund the schools.”

James O’Neill @ School Board Forum in March 2020

Fostering an Open Environment

REBS means ‘Retired Educators of Baraboo Schools’.

O’Neill suggested making REBS a more official council as a resource and advocate for teachers and effectively unionizing parents, so their voices can be heard.

James O’Neill @ School Board Forum in March 2020

District Administrative Culture

O’Neill said school culture starts at the top with administration, and it’s up to the board to investigate if administrators aren’t handling it well. The teachers union also needs to be empowered, he said.

James O’Neill @ School Board Forum in March 2020

School District Meeting Place

O’Neill, who has been regularly attending meetings for several months, said meetings need to be moved and should have child care available because not having child care is a “barrier to entry” for people like him.

“The space and its limitations is kind of almost passive aggressive,” he said.

James O’Neill @ School Board Forum in March 2020

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